Our History

“A  Novel Life” was created by Amy Jane Sandberg. It has been in the works for several years.  It has been a dream of hers to create a business that will help others follow their dreams and goals. She started her first business when she was a young teen. It was called “Sitters On Call”. The purpose was just as you guessed.   For parents to hire teens to babysit their children. Her sisters and their friends were a part of  “Sitters On Call”. It was a huge success and only ended when those involved  went away to collage to start  new careers. From there Amy went on to sell hand crafted Bird toys through local Pet shops. She proceeded to opened  several cafepress stores. Where she helped create logos and merchandise for people and local businesses. Some of those Cafepress stores are still open. Next, Amy went on to creating a group with her friend Jamie Barlow, “The Hall Of Bish” (Bish was short for: Bishounen and Bishoujo. Meaning: beautiful boy; beautiful girl.)  It was an anime fan comic group, where the idea was to interview anime characters in a on going comic. It had a great start but due to Jamie Barlow’s  life and circumstances it never finished. Amy then went to collage, chairing many events, hosting various  groups, and events. Amy eventually graduated with an International business degree. That is when she came up with the idea of “A Novel Life”.   While awaiting for the right time to open,  she has helped friends and  family with  their businesses needs and dreams. Throughout the time she has taken every English class she could,  written poems, written books, worked on blogs and news letters until finally  “A Novel Life” has become official! With that not only will your dreams come true but hers as well!